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At TMILL, we believe in effective team building, communication and knowledge sharing. We motivate employees to utilise their full potential. With ongoing business expansion both within and outside India, sizeable opportunities exist for new incumbents to learn and grow with the TMILL group of companies.

Employment opportunities for qualified professionals exist in the areas of -

Port management service, shipping, marine services, freight forwarding, business development, corporate strategy, marketing and sales, finance and accounts, human resource development and IT.

Remuneration and benefits

TMILL believes that managerial remuneration is an important instrument in attracting and retaining talent and is a key component of the performance management system. Our remuneration policy includes performance linked increments and bonus system that are revised from time to time to keep abreast with the competitive market.

At parlance with Tata Group’s policy, TMILL too believes that:

“the community is not just another stakeholder in the business but is in fact the very purpose of its existence”

-Jamsetji N. Tata.

At TMILL people are valuable, not expendable. Currently we are also working on creating employment opportunities under the Affirmative Action Plan.

Training and development

Following the Tata group philosophy, we are also involved in activities directed towards uplifting the quality of life of our people. TMILL strongly believes in optimising the utilisation of human resource in order to help the employee achieve the organisational goals as well as accomplish individual goals through training and development. Training and development is a regular feature in TMILL.

For the resolution of any ethical concerns arising out of your transactions with the TMILL Group, please contact Mr. Robin Pramanik (Ethics Counsellor for the TMILL Group). You can reach him at +913366339117 and / or you can mail him at Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.


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